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Room (Standard)


A cozy space for your comfort

Key characteristics of a standard room

1. Comfortable bed for quality sleep

A comfortable 160 cm double bed awaits guests in the Standard Room. It will provide you with a great sleep and will allow you to fully relax after a busy day.


2. Basic amenities for your comfort

The room has several basic amenities that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable:

  • TV: You can enjoy watching various programs and channels right from your room.
  • Refrigerator: Keep your drinks and snacks fresh without leaving your room.
  • Coffee machine and kettle: With these, you can make fresh coffee or tea and enjoy it anytime.
  • Shower and hygiene products: The bathroom has a shower and all the necessary hygiene products, so you can start or end your day in a fresh and comfortable way.< /span>

3. Additional amenities and benefits

The Standard Room also offers additional amenities and benefits:

  • Wardrobe and nightstand: You won't have to worry about storing your clothes and personal items as the room has a wardrobe and a nightstand.< /li>
  • Safe: Important valuables and personal items can be securely stored in a safe to make you feel safe and secure.
  • Blackout curtains: You can control the incoming light with blackout curtains to create a comfortable sleeping and relaxing environment.
  • Functionality and comfort: The Standard Room is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Pleasant renovation and high-quality equipment create a pleasant atmosphere for your holiday.


The Standard Room is a great option for one or two guests looking for a comfortable space to relax. It has everything you need for a pleasant stay, including a comfortable bed, basic amenities and additional benefits. You can feel the combination of comfort, functionality and coziness, and spend time with maximum pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people can stay in a standard room?

Standard room is designed for one or two guests.

2. What facilities are provided in a standard room?

The standard room has a comfortable bed, TV, refrigerator, coffee machine and kettle. There is also a bathroom with a shower and basic toiletries.

3. Is it possible to store valuables in a standard room?

Yes, there is a safe in the standard room where you can store your valuables and personal items.

4. What are the bed sizes in a standard room?

Standard room has a 160cm double bed

5. Does the standard room have air conditioning?

Yes, the standard room has air conditioning, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable stay at any time of the year.