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Check-in rules!

The True terms of providing hotel service at the "Lecardo" hotel (hereinafter - Hotel) are based on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 18th of November 2020 No. 1853 "On approval of regulations for provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation".

Length of stay at the hotel:

1. The purpose of the hotel is to provide temporary residence to a citizen for a period, agreed upon with the hotel administration. After the end of the agreed period the Guest must vacate the room. If it is necessary to increase the length of stay, the Guest must notify the hotel administration at least 2 hours in advance of the check-out time - 12:00 local time. If there are vacant rooms the Administrator will increase the length of stay.

2. Lecardo Hotel's working hours are 24 hours a day.

3. Stay on the Lecardo Hotel territory is based on the check-out system.

Check-in time - from 14:00 local time

Check-out time - 12:00 local time

4. After the Guest agrees to the rules and registration at the "Lecardo" Hotel, the agreement comes into force.

Terms of providing and paying for a hotel room:

5. A hotel room is provided after the client demonstrates an identification document, along with other documents necessary for check-in according the current law of the Russian Federation.

For Russian citizens:

Russian Passport;
USSR passport, which confirms the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation, until its replacement by a Russian passport in a previously defined timeframe;
Passport, which confirms the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation abroad, - for a person living abroad;
Temporary identification document of the citizen of the Russian Federation
Birth certificate - for a person under 14 years of age, along with identification documents of parents (foster parents), the accompanying person (persons), a notarized agreement from one of the legal guardians is obligatory.
Russian Passport - for Russian citizens between 14 and 18 years of age, if staying without a legal guardian or an accompanying person, a notarized agreement from one of the legal guardians is necessary, signing of a registration card.

For foreign citizens:
passport of the foreign citizen, permit for temporary residence of a stateless person, resident permit for a stateless person, a visa and a migration card for registration with the Federal Migration Service, if other means are not provided by the international agreements of Russia; signing of the registration card.

6. The payment for the stay and services at the hotel is done on free (agreed) prices, set by the "Lecardo" leadership and is paid at the check-out. If the length of stay is less than a day (24 hours) a payment for the day is made regardless of check-in and check-out times.

7. If the Guest's departure after the check-out time is delayed, payments are made in the following order:
from 12:00 to 21:00 - 50% of daily room cost for
from 21:00 to 12:00 the next day - 100% of daily room cost

8. If guest check-in takes place between 0:00 and 14:00, the payment of 50% daily room cost is made;

9. All transactions are made in Roubles. The following cards are accepted: VISA, VISA Electron, MC, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, Mir.

10. Stay of children under 2 years old with legal guardians and without additional beds is free. Stay of children over 2 years old is paid for separately;

11. The presence of guests that not staying in this room after 19:00 is paid for as additional guests, according to the rates.

12. During transactions with discounts (seasonal discounts, special offers) the following rules apply: a discount is only provided after the open rate during direct booking via the hotel (without the use of booking/tourism agencies); discounts do not add up; discounts only affect the stay.

13. In the event of late cancellation of the booking (less than 24h), late arrival or a no-show, the client pays the daily cost of the room. If the guest has not arrived within 24 hours, the booking is cancelled.

Order of residence at the hotel:
14. The guests have to:
take good care of the hotel's property and equipment;
maintain cleanliness and order;
in the event of loss or damage to the hotel property, they shall reimburse the cost of the damage caused, as defined by the price list;
follow the rules of fire safety;
turn of water taps, close the windows, turn off the lights, TV, electrical appliances when leaving the room. Lock the room and hand in the key.

15. Guests staying in the hotel are prohibited from:
smoking anywhere on the hotel premises, rooms included (in line with the Federal Law No. 15-FZ dated 23 February 2013). In the event of a breach of this obligation the hotel reserves the right to contact law enforcement to bring the guest to administrative responsibility for smoking in unauthorised places. In such cases, should the hotel be brought to administrative responsibility due to aforementioned violation by the guests (and/or persons invited by the guests) of the smoking ban on the hotel premises - The hotel reserves the right to demand the guest pay compensation, defined by the fine imposed on the hotel by the law enforcement (The guest confirms that smoking in a room will lead to a compensation of costs of additional specialised room cleaning (long-term ventilation, the use of odour absorbers, washing of curtains, tulle and textiles) of 5000 roubles).
disturbing other guests between 23:00 and 08:00;
leaving unauthorised persons in the room, or give them the room key;
keeping bulky items, flammable materials or weapons;
using the electric kettle or the electric stove;
moving furniture in the room without authorisation from the hotel administrator;
keeping animals; birds.

16. In the event of damage to the hotel, the Guest bears the financial responsibility.

17. The hotel is responsible for loss, partial loss or damage to the guest's belongings brought to the hotel, apart from money, other currency values, stocks or other valuable items. Items are considered brought to the hotel when they have been entrusted to the hotel staff or placed in the hotel room or other designated areas. The hotel is responsible for the loss of money, other currency values, stocks or other valuable items if said items have been taken into storage by the hotel, or have been placed into a provided safe by the guest. The hotel bears no responsibility for the safety of the safe's contents if it can prove that it was impossible to access the safe without the guest's knowledge or access was obtained through overwhelming force. After discovering the loss, partial loss or damage to one's belongings the guest should immediately inform the hotel administrion. Otherwise, the hotel does not bear responsibility for the belongings.

18. The hotel bears no responsibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances causing electricity or water outages. The hotel is required to take the necessary measure to provide electricity and water to the guests if possible.

19. Hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without agreements with the guest in case of technical issues in the room, smoke, fire, flooding or violations of the order of residence, public order or appliance usage rules by the guest.
20. If forgotten items are discovered, the administration takes measures for returning said items to their owners. Forgotten items are stored at the hotel for 6 months.
Unpackaged food items are not stored long-term and are disposed. If the packaging is intact, items are placed into storage and stored for 1 week.
Unused subjects of individual use are registered into a journal and stored for 1 week. Used subjects of individual use are not stored long-term and are disposed.
Cosmetics products in closed packaging are stored for 1 week. Opened cosmetic products are not stored long-term.
21. Hotel staff and guests should keep quiet and be respectful to each other.
22. If the Guest violates the order of residence, the administration reserves the right to give a warning to the offender to restore peace and quiet of other Guests. In the event of repeat violations causing financial damage and causing discomfort to other guests, the hotel reserves the right to cease providing service to the Guest and evict them from the hotel.

23. During check-out the guest should provide the full payment for the services and hand in the room key.

24. The guestbook is held by the administrator and can be provided after being requested. Requests and complaints are accepted by the hotel in written form before the deadline

25. The following services are provided for free during the stay:
Calling an ambulance
Use of a medkit
Use of an ironing board and an iron
A wake-up call at a set time
The provision of dishes and utensils
The provision of boiling water, needles and strings
The delivery of correspondence to the room upon receipt
The calling of taxi, ordering of a car
The ordering of plane or train tickets
The ordering of theatre tickets, booking of tables in restaurants
Wireless Internet
The registration of russian citizens and migration registration of foreign citizens.

26. The following services are available for additional fees:
Intercity and international calls
Additional cleaning of the room
Additional towels
Laundry, dry cleaning, ironing
Copying, scanning, printing
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