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Hotel information

You can book a room at the hotel in Cheboksary by calling +7 927 665 22 00

Our hotel is a comfortable and welcoming place. Tidy rooms have comfortable furniture, the interior spaces retain a unified style. We care about our guests and we are making sure that our service is the best quality possible, we also provide additional services, such as transfer from the hotel, free Wi-Fi and more.

Currently we have 4 incredible rooms. The hotel may not be the biggest but that is its charm: there are no annoying or loud neighbours to disturb you. No waiting in lines, no busy phone lines. Our staff are always ready to stop by if a client needs them to.

Everything that is needed for comfort

This place is perfect for business travel, romantic dates, vacationing with family or friends. Our rooms have:
  • TV
  • free Internet
  • a bathroom and a toilet
  • dishes
  • a phone.
This place is always comfortable: warm in winter and cool in summer (due to air conditioning). The registration desk is working 24 hours a day and is ready accept guests at any time. Along with a good location, our hotel also provides free parking for your car. We can guarantee that the rooms are clean, the service is good and that the necessary attenion is paid to every detail.

How to reach us

It is very easy to book a room, just pick the preferred options:
  1. Dates of stay. Check-in and check-out dates are required.
  2. The amount of rooms required.
  3. The number of guests (so we can prepare the sleeping accomodation).
  4. Whether adults or children will be staying.
You can pay via plastic card, bank account or cash. If you need help, call us!

Why stay at our hotel?

Spacious and affordable rooms with fixed pricing, perfect for resting after a long flight. Additional services mean that even the most picky of tourists will be able to relax.

We have <br>fast Wi-Fi
We have
fast Wi-Fi
Our rooms have<br>air conditioning
Our rooms have
air conditioning
Every single room has <br> a toilet and a shower
Every single room has
a toilet and a shower
You can<br> order a transfer
You can
order a transfer
Close proximity <br> to the airport
Close proximity
to the airport